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Word Batch Replacer - Testimonials

What real users say about our product:

Excellent product feature set. I really appreciate:
º Saving configuration for reuse.
º Differentiating document properties from document body content.
º Differentiating document areas from document body content.
º An excellent help file. Typically, useful help is an afterthought and not very useful.

I've look around for a long time and never found a satisfactory solution for complex find and replace for MS Word files. I hope Word Batch Replacer fills that niche. I'm rooting for you!

Craig Prichard
Technical Communicator

I am working with a large number of Word documents which have similar words that need to be highlighted in each document. Using Word document editors like Microsoft Word or Open Office is very cumbersome. The problems that I have using these tools are due to:

1) Multiple different words that need to be highlighted at multiple places within the same document.
2) Multiple documents for which the above mentioned process needs to be repeated.

The limitation of MS Word, Open Office, etc. to find and replace with highlight being one word at a time in a single document meant that the process has to be repeated so many times that it almost feels that the value of highlighting is being offset by the time taken to highlight.

I then found the Word Batch Replacer by Opilion Software which was a lifesaver. I simply save all the documents to be highlighted in one folder, add words to the list to be replaced with highlighted words and press PROCESS.

Nitin Vishwakarma