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Documents processed with Word Batch Replacer

Below you see table of links to documents, both original and processed. You can examine each DOC pair to see how Word Batch Replacer works. Conversion has been made with settings specified in test.wbe prject, and no manual correction was performed.

Document's ContentOriginal MS Word documentResulted MS Word document
General testgeneral_orig.docgeneral.doc
Company name and hyperlink address change examplecompany_orig.doccompany.doc
Example of phone numbers normalization by means of regular expressionsphone_orig.docphone.doc
Test Word Batch Replacer project that was used to perform all search & replace operationstest.wbe
All the above files in one single archivesample_docs.zip (0.1 MB)

You can repeat the search & replace process on any original document by yourself. To do this, download Word Batch Replacer, and all of the above original MS Word documents along with test project, open test project in batch converter, and press "Convert ALL" button. Put input MS Word documents into the same folder as test.wbe for the program to be able to find it.

You can also see some fragments from some of these converted documents at our Sample RegExps page.

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