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Word Batch Replacer - FAQ

MS Word already has built-in search & replace dialog feature, so why should I use Word Batch Replacer?

There are several reasons, including these:

  1. Word Batch Replacer allows you to perform an operation simultaneously on many files, thus freeing you from boring and time-consuming task of manually opening and editing each file.
  2. Word Batch Replacer allows you to define an unlimited number of search & replace rules
  3. Word Batch Replacer allows you to use Perl-style regular expressions in "text to find" field.
  4. Word Batch Replacer is the program that was specially designed for this task and thus has many customizable options to greatly enhance your productivity.

Do I need to have MS Word in order to perform an operation?

Yes, currently MS Word 2000 or higher is required for Word Batch Replacer to operate.

Does Word Batch Replacer have any technological limitations?

Yes, Word Batch Replacer does have some technical limitations. It does not support some MS Word advanced text formatting features, for example, it does not search for text within math formulas. We regularly implement support of the most asked by our users features and functions. Further development will be based on feedback from our users. Write to us at feedback@opilsoft.com about which features you would like to see in our program, and we'll consider implementing your suggestion. We appreciate all feedback!

I need to transfer all Word Batch Replacer settings to another computer. What should I copy?

Word Batch Replacer stores all its settings in several files in the «Word Batch Replacer» subfolder of the %APPDATA% folder. %APPDATA%, shorthand for Application Data, is the environment variable which designates a folder where applications are supposed to create subfolders to store all their settings. Word Batch Replacer uses its own set of settings for every user of the computer. To browse to the Application Data folder, just type %APPDATA% (with percent signs) in the Windows Explorer address bar, instead of a regular Windows filepath, and it will be automatically expanded to the actual location. On 64-bit systems, Word Batch Replacer uses the Application Data folder intended for 32-bit applications, so the «Roaming» subfolder will be added to the AppData path. To transfer all Word Batch Replacer settings, including user-defined HTML templates, just copy the contents of the «%APPDATA%\Word Batch Replacer» folder to the target computer. You will also have to re-enter your registration key, because it is stored in the system registry, not in the above-mentioned folder.

Can I use Word Batch Replacer on my two computers? (I have the Personal License.)

Yes, your Personal License entitles you to use Word Batch Replacer on your two computers. When you purchased the Personal License for Word Batch Replacer, you have been given the right to use the program on different computers. The Personal License prohibits the use of your copy of Word Batch Replacer by any other persons on their computers, but you can use it on more than one computer.