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Word Batch Replacer - Change Log

We fixed many bugs and added many features thanks to feedback from our users. Feel free to e-mail your suggestions to feedback@opilsoft.com.

23-NOV-2015 - v 1.03 build 050

A bug with "Canvas does not allow drawing" message fixed

13-NOV-2015 - v 1.03 build 048

Some bugs fixed

30-JUL-2015 - v 1.03 build 046

Some minor bugs fixed

19-FEB-2014 - v 1.03 build 045

Some minor bugs fixed

29-JUN-2013 - v 1.03 build 042

Fixed bug with wrong displaying of Unicode characters in replace rules and file items lists

16-JUN-2013 - v 1.03 build 041

Added mechanism to translate program's GUI to any language

Translated GUI to russian language

07-MAY-2013 - v 1.02 build 040

Added "Pause/Run" button to the progress window, along with the corresponding functionality

29-MAR-2013 - v 1.01 build 039

Added "Skip this file" button and corresponding functionality

05-FEB-2013 - v 1.01 build 036

Fixed some minor bugs

31-JAN-2013 - v 1.01 build 035

Added checking for duplicates in the processing queue before accepting new items

Added dispalying of time elapsed/left during processing of the current folder

Fixed logic of the behavior of the overwriting prompt dialog

12-JAN-2013 - v 1.01 build 034

Added ability to display total number of files in the folder being processed, along with the counter of already processed files in that folder

Added ability to have more than one attempt to enter password for opening a given input document

Fixed bug with lack of transferring error (exception) information from MS Word Add-In to batch executable converter in some cases

09-JAN-2013 - v 1.01 build 033

Bug with the absence of registration for all user accounts during installation, has been fixed

24-DEC-2012 - v 1.01 build 032

Significant improvements in help documentation.

10-NOV-2012 - v 1.01 build 031

Added support for Windows 8 and MS Word 2013

08-SEP-2012 - v 1.01 build 030

Fixed bug with wrong logic of "New Project" menu item

Fixed some other bugs

06-SEP-2012 - v 1.01 build 029

Minor improvements

25-AUG-2012 - v 1.01 build 028

Fixed bug with wrong text of captions in progress form

Fixed bug with broken support for adding files from Windows Explorer

Minor corrections in help documentation

12-AUG-2012 - v 1.01 build 027

Enhanced export/import procedure of replace rules to/from CSV list

Moved "Minimize to Tray" button, which tended to disappear from Progress Form's window caption area, to Progress Form's bottom-left corner.

Fixed bug with broken Drag-and-Drop support in Windows 7

Fixed bug with "Open backup file" broken main menu item

10-JUN-2012 - v 1.00 build 026

Fixed bug with inability to restore progress form from tray

01-JUN-2012 - v 1.00 build 025

First non-beta release

Fixed some bugs

01-MAY-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 024

Fixed some bugs

15-APR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 023

Fixed some bugs

24-MAR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 022

Fixed some bugs

21-MAR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 021

Fixed some bugs

10-MAR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 019

First public release