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Progress Form

Word Batch Replacer Progress Form

This progress form opens when you start the search-and-replace process. Word Batch Replacer counts files processed not one by one, but as they are presented in the processing list items editor. That is, each folder is counted as one item, regardless of how many files it contains. So the caption only provides a rough estimate and summary information on the current state of the batch replacement process.

Below are the “Input file” and “Output file” labels. They indicate which input and output files are being processed, respectively.

“Elapsed time” is the time spent on processing the current document. It is not the total time since the process started.

“Estimated time left” is an estimate of the time until the end of processing of the current document. It is not an estimate of the time until the end of the whole batch process.

“Overall progress” is an estimate of the progress for the current document. The number at the left of the window caption is the value for the progress bar.

“Current action” shows the progress of the current processing stage, the name of which is displayed just above the progress indicator. The progress relates to the document being processed only. This is the most accurate value.

The status string at the bottom of the form displays the most detailed information on the current processing step.

The “Abort” button is for aborting the process.

The “Minimize to Tray” button, in the bottom-left corner, minimizes the progress form to the system tray, so that you can have one less application on the taskbar.