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Batch Tab

Batch Tab of Word Batch Replacer Options Dialog

Use relative paths for files and folders—this option lets you create a portable project file that can be transferred to another computer along with the input documents. Normally, Word Batch Replacer uses the project file to store full paths to all input and output files and folders, allowing you to copy the project file (*.dsj) to another folder, and then continue working with it. But if you want to move the project file AND all input files to another location (folder, logical drive, or another computer), turn this option on. Please note that Word Batch Replacer will still display full paths to all files in the list of processing items; but if you save such a project, the paths will be relative to the folder where the project file is saved. Besides, you cannot create a relative path that points to another logical drive; so if any input or output file must be located on another drive, its path will be saved as an absolute one. This Sample project on our website is a good example of when this feature may be useful. Please feel free to test this project when located in any folder (make sure that the sample input MS Word documents are located in the same folder). We prefer not to force our potential customers to create a folder with the same path as we used when generating the demo test cases.

Do not check for unsupported format—if turned on, this option disables verification of whether the input file format is supported by a given MS Word version. If you install converters that add support for some new file formats, Word Batch Replacer may continue to assume that those formats are not supported. If this is the case, turn this option on.