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Installation issues

Normally, after setup, you should be able to readily use Word Batch Replacer. But if Word Batch Replacer Add-In was not properly integrated with MS Word, the first thing we advise you to do is to go to the "Start"->"Programs"->"Word Batch Replacer", and click on "Install or reinstall Word Batch Replacer". Then, you should see the following dialog:

Install/reinstall Word Batch Replacer Window

First, choose Disintegrate Word Batch Replacer and MS Word, and press on OK button. Installation program will temporarily disable loading of Word Batch Replacer Add-In into MS Word process every time it starts.

After that, click on the same "Install or reinstall Word Batch Replacer" menu item again, and now choose "Integrate Word Batch Replacer with MS Word". Installation program will re-register Word Batch Replacer Add-In with MS Word. After that, the issue often is solved.

Note that you should allow installation program to have full access to your computer (i.e., full administrative privileges), otherwise it will not work properly.

During integration phase, installer will alter MS Word COM Add-Ins security settings in order to allow Word Batch Replacer Add-In to be loaded and executed by MS Word. You can as well change them manually, as described below. The same alteration does "Set proper MS Word COM Add-Ins security settings" checkbox on the installation page below. If you do not set this checkbox, you might be unable to use Word Batch Replacer.

Word Batch Replacer Setup Window

If integration and disintegration does not help, try to completely uninstall and then reinstall the program.

If even after reinstallation, the actual search & replace process still could not begin, ensure that MS Word settings allow Word Batch Replacer Add-In to be loaded when MS Word starts. If Word Batch Replacer is loaded, then you should see CWordBatchReplacer item in the list of loaded COM Add-Ins. If you do not see it, try the steps described below, for your particular MS Word version:

Screenshots below were taken from DocToHtml Help documentation. But they are as well applied to Word Batch Replacer, you will have just to substitute CWordBatchReplacer for DocToSite_Server, and WordBatchReplacer.dll for DocToHtml.dll in the text on images.

 MS Word 2000
 MS Word 2003 or XP
 MS Word 2007
 MS Word 2010

If instructions above have not solved the problem, try to follow the steps from Crash Recovery Help topic.