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How to Buy Word Batch Replacer

Word Batch Replacer can be purchased via the secure online order (click here to initiate order processing, or click the button below).

Buy Now!

Before making a purchasing decision, make sure that this software fits your particular needs. You may also want to read about registration benefits.

After you purchase Word Batch Replacer, registration key will be e-mailed to you. To turn your evaluation version into full function one, you must enter that registration code. In the Processing Options dialog, click the Enter regcode button to open the following form:

Word Batch Replacer Registration Form

Copy the registration key from the e-mail that we sent you following your online order, and paste it into the field shown above.

To check the license status of your copy of Word Batch Replacer, click the About button. Below you can see the About dialog box for a registered Word Batch Replacer version. (The screenshot refers to v. 1.01, though your version may be higher.)

Word Batch Replacer About Window

Note that by purchasing the license you not only become a registered user, but also help us maintain and improve our software products.