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Command Line Support

Word Batch Replacer program can be launched from command line. Here’s a list of all supported command line switches:

projectFilenameWord Batch Replacer project file to be loaded/project=site.wbe
logfileFilenameLog file/logfile="log.txt"
trayBooleanAutomatically minimize to tray/tray=true
autostartBooleanAutomatically start replacement process/autostart=true
autocloseBooleanAutomatically self-close when the process is complete./autoclose=false
autosaveBooleanAutomatically save project on exit/autosave=true
settingsFilenameSupersede the default settings file. The default settings file, %appdata%\Word Batch Replacer\settings.ini, is used only when there are no command line parameters , or when there is only one command line parameter, project./settings=settings.ini
oneinstanceBooleanOverride the Allow only one program instance parameter/oneinstance=false
toolbarhintsBooleanOverride the Show hints on buttons in toolbar parameter./toolbarhints=false
(Or folder name)
Lets you specify a filename (or a folder name) to be added to the processing queue. Cannot be combined with any other command line option. Adds the specified file (or folder) to the current list of items to be processed. If the Word Batch Replacer window is already running, the file (or folder) will appear at the bottom of the processing items list window. This parameter is used to add files via the Windows Explorer context menu./addfile="C:\documents\doc1.doc"

Note that during installation, the program registers system alias WordBatchReplacer.exe for its main executable file. So you can type WordBatchReplacer.exe from any current folder without entering the full path.


WordBatchReplacer.exe /project="MyProject.wbe" /logfile="ConvLog.txt"
     /autostart=true /autoclose=true /tray=true /oneinstance=false /autosave=true

- process files and folders specified in MyProject.wbe, write a log to ConvLog.txt, start the process automatically, self-close when the replacement process is complete, automatically minimize itself to the tray on startup, will not exit even if other instances of Word Batch Replacer are already running, and will automatically save the project on exit without displaying any confirmation dialogs. Note that the MyProject.wbe and ConvLog.txt must be located in the current directory.