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Word Batch Replacer - Change Log

We fixed many bugs and added many features thanks to feedback from our users. Feel free to e-mail your suggestions to feedback@opilsoft.com.

24-DEC-2012 - v 1.01 build 032

Significant improvements in help documentation.

10-NOV-2012 - v 1.01 build 031

Added support for Windows 8 and MS Word 2013

08-SEP-2012 - v 1.01 build 030

Fixed bug with wrong logic of "New Project" menu item

Fixed some other bugs

06-SEP-2012 - v 1.01 build 029

Minor improvements

25-AUG-2012 - v 1.01 build 028

Fixed bug with wrong text of captions in progress form

Fixed bug with broken support for adding files from Windows Explorer

Minor corrections in help documentation

12-AUG-2012 - v 1.01 build 027

Enhanced export/import procedure of replace rules to/from CSV list

Moved "Minimize to Tray" button, which tended to disappear from Progress Form's window caption area, to Progress Form's bottom-left corner.

Fixed bug with broken Drag-and-Drop support in Windows 7

Fixed bug with "Open backup file" broken main menu item

10-JUN-2012 - v 1.00 build 026

Fixed bug with inability to restore progress form from tray

01-JUN-2012 - v 1.00 build 025

First non-beta release

Fixed some bugs

01-MAY-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 024

Fixed some bugs

15-APR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 023

Fixed some bugs

24-MAR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 022

Fixed some bugs

21-MAR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 021

Fixed some bugs

10-MAR-2012 - v 1.00 BETA build 019

First public release