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What real users say about our product:

I host many sites and have noticed their size and download times were increasing. I recently downloaded and ran HTML Cleaner on the files for one of my sites and was pleasantly surprised at how much of a reduction in file size and download time resulted from its use. I definitely plan to use it for the remainder of the sites. Thanks for a great piece of freeware!

David J. Morgan

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS for creating such a wonderful product. I am a hard core developer primilarly working on .NET technologies and we deal with HTML on daily basis. I thought my knowledge of HTML is perfect as I know the concepts at back of my hand and I write HTML snippets with confidence.

I read online about your product and then got tempted to use it immediately.
The files we create are huge in size and resulting heavy memory footprint so it's very essential that our code is properly optimized. One thing I immediately noticed after using HTML Cleaner was reduction in file size; this initially was an alarm that is something critical removed but I was happy to see properly optimized code which even I could have tried but human errors will always be there.

I am trying to define custom optimization for my specific need and will surely let you know how that performed but this is just starting and I am sure that I will be able to harness complete functionalities of this wonderful software ... Thanks a lot for keeping this freeware ;-)

Pushkar Ravi
Technical Lead - **** *** Technologies

A big thankyou for providing me with Html Cleaner, my web skills are average but my html files are a bit of a mess and inconsistent. With HTML cleaner I have been able to clean my html files easily and quickly. Being able to batch run on all my html files in one go has been an absolute time saver. I had just over 750 files, all cleaned in no time what-so-ever.

Great software - welldone

Tony Jarvis
Studio Manager