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HTML documents optimized with HTML Cleaner

At first, all pages on this website has been optimized with HTML Cleaner before uploading to webserver, so to see its results of operation, you can just use "View source..." or similar command in your web browser.

Below you see table of links to HTML documents, both original and processed. You can examine each HTML pair to see how HTML Cleaner works. Optimization has been made with settings specified in test.htclnr prject, and no manual correction was performed.

Document's ContentOriginal doc
Colored original doc
Original file size
Optimized doc
Colored optimized doc
Optimized file size
DKIM IETF Standardization EffortSource HTML
Colored source HTML
10 947 bytes
Resulted HTML
Colored resulted HTML
6 845 bytes
HTML 4.0 spec: Alignment, font styles, and horizontal rulesSource HTML
Colored source HTML
36 636 bytes
Resulted HTML
Colored resulted HTML
34 726 bytes
Wikipedia article: XHTML BasicSource HTML
Colored source HTML
33 134 bytes
Resulted HTML
Colored resulted HTML
30 176 bytes
This webpage (24.03.2012 snapshot)Source HTML
Colored source HTML
25 824 bytes
Resulted HTML
Colored resulted HTML
18 217 bytes
Test HTML Cleaner project that was used to perform optmizationtest.htclnr
All the above files in one single (0.2 MB)

You can repeat the search & replace process on any original document by yourself. To do this, download HTML Cleaner, and all of the above original HTML documents along with test project, open test project in the program, and press "Convert ALL" button. Put input HTML documents into the same folder as test.htclnr for the program to be able to find it.

You can also see one specially created and optimized HTML fragment on the Sample HTML page. This HTML code was written to demonstrate various formatting cleaning capabilities of HTML Cleaner.