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Alas, the world is not perfect. Few programs more complex than “Hello, world!” are totally bug-free, and HTML Cleaner is no exception. Although we do our best to minimize possible issues, HTML Cleaner might fail to operate properly under some conditions. For such cases, HTML Cleaner has a built-in feature for tracking the origin of the error, so that we can reproduce, investigate, and resolve the issue. Please use the error-tracking feature to help us improve our software and increase our customers’ satisfaction.

But, after encountering with an error, before doing anything else, please download and install the most recent version of HTML Cleaner from program's official website. If the error persist, read the suggestions below carefully. Bugs fixing is of top priority for us, we usually do it within few days, but please note that we will be unable to resolve the problem if we will not be able to reproduce it due to an incomplete or imprecise description.

When reporting about a problem, please include to the report text from "System Information" window.. Without this data, we will be unable to reproduce the problem. "System Information" window is easily accessible by pressing "System Info" button at the bottom left corner of "About" window:

System Info Form in HTML Cleaner

Copy this data into the clipboard and paste it into your e-mail, or save it to a file, and then make this file an attachment. This information is necessary to reproduce the issue and, subsequently, to fix it. The window was designed specially to release you from boring task of entering all those technical information by hand. All collected data will be used only to allow us to deal with software problems.

When an internal error occurs during processing of some optimization item, the last optimization list editor column reflects this fact by displaying one of the following values:

Icon in the LogValueMeaning
ExceptionSome exception occurs during optimization process. You also can see "An error occurred in the application" window when this type of error occurs. This window will prompt you to send us a bugreport. You are welcome to do this, since we are always very dedicated to improving our software. Note that we are not interested in any kind of your personal information, and any data received from you will be used solely to reproduce and investigate the techincal issue and to improve our software.
Fatal exceptionSome serious exception occured in the HTML Cleaner. After this type of exception, optimization process could not proceed.

When the program encounters internal error, it shows a dialog like this:

Bug Reporting Form in HTML Cleaner

This dialog often indicates program's bug. When you encounter this situation, the first thing we advise you to do is to check whether new version of HTML Cleaner is available from program's official website. If your program's version is older than this, download and install the most recent one. You can view HTML Cleaner version in the "About" dialog and also directly in the window caption of the bug report form.

If the bug persists even in the most recent version, you are entitled to send us a bug report via "Send bug report" button. Bug report contains some data which describes program's and Windows Operating System state at the moment of error. You can view this data by clicking on "Show bug report" button. This data generally does not consist any information that can be used to identify you. In any case, this information will be used solely to track down the software problem. You can also read our Privacy Policy regarding this point. After clicking on "Send bug report" button, you will see a series of three forms in which you can enter information to desribe the error itself, and when and how this error occurs.

Sending Bug Report Window #1 in HTML Cleaner

This e-mail address will be used to contact you if we will need additional information to troubleshoot the problem. This address will not be transferred to anyone else.

Sending Bug Report Window #2 in HTML Cleaner

In order for us to be able to reproduce and fix the error, write here the full description of conditions when error occurs. If error occurs during the optimization process of some (X)HTML document, you are strongly advised to send us this (X)HTML document along with the bug report. Again, any data received from you will be used solely to track down software problem, and will not be transferred to anyone else.

Sending Bug Report Window #3 in HTML Cleaner

If the error relates to user interface inconsistent behavior, this screenshot can be helpful in reproducing it. If the error occurs during optimization of some (X)HTML document, this screenshot probably will be useless, but the original (X)HTML document, will be very helpful.

After you click on the "Continue" button, HTML Cleaner will attempt to send the bug report to us. If you are using any firewall, you should allow HTML Cleaner to do this. Alternatively, you can save bug report via "Save bug report" button, and manually attach the saved text file to your e-mail.

Of course, bug reporting mechanism does not cover all possible error types. For example, incorrect handling of some tag combinations will not be catched by it. In this case, send the maximally precise and complete description of the problem, along with settings that were used to perform the optimzation process (accessible from the "System Info" window), with original (X)HTML document, and with (incorrectly) optimized resulting HTML.

We usually fix bugs within a few days after they are reported.