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HTML Cleaner - FAQ

For why use HTML Cleaner?

There are several reasons, some of them are:

  1. You will decrease download time for webpages of your website. This is very important, because some researches show that every additional second in waiting for rendering of webpage in the browser, costs you some fraction of your visitors. Even worse, slow website can completely spoil visitor's impression of your product, and he/she might never return to it again. For additional information, please visit this link.
  2. You will decrease the bandwidth usage of your webserver and so save some money.
  3. HTML Cleaner was designed with a goal to make its use as simple as possible, so you don't have to learn any new things and/or concepts before using it.

Does HTML Cleaner have any technological limitations?

Yes, HTML Cleaner does have some technical limitations. For example, it cannot currently optimize image, script and stylesheet content. Further development of HTML Cleaner will be based on feedback from our users. Write to us at feedback@opilsoft.com about which features you would like to see in our program, and we’ll consider implementing your suggestion. We appreciate all feedback!

Does HTML Cleaner require any additional third-party programs/libraries to be installed?

No, HTML Cleaner does not require any libraries or third-party programs except for those that come with MS Windows installation. You are ready to use HTML Cleaner immediately after installation, without any additional steps.

I want to transfer all program's settings to another computer. What should I copy?

The program stores all its settings in several files in the “HTML Cleaner” subfolder of the %APPDATA% folder. %APPDATA%, shorthand for Application Data, is the environment variable which designates a folder where applications are supposed to create subfolders to store all their settings. HTML Cleaner uses its own set of settings for every user of the computer. To browse to the Application Data folder, just type %APPDATA% (with percent signs) in the Windows Explorer address bar, instead of a regular Windows filepath, and it will be automatically expanded to the actual location. On 64-bit systems, HTML Cleaner uses the Application Data folder intended for 32-bit applications, so the “Roaming” subfolder will be added to the AppData path. To transfer all program's settings, just copy the contents of the “%APPDATA%\HTML Cleaner” folder to the target computer.

Is the program really free to use?

Yes, HTML Cleaner is complete FREEWARE, with no hidden fees. All functions work without any restrictions for unlimited time, starting from just after installation. Also you can transfer the installation package, in its unmodified form, to anyone else. Our goal in spreading this program free of charge is to make an advertisement to other our (paid) products: DocToHtml, the batch converter of MS Word documents to web-ready (X)HTML files, and Word Batch Replacer, batch search-and-replace tool for MS Word documents.