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Deep Troubleshooting

Do not use this option until you will be explicitly asked to do this. Normally, the regular bug report is enough to understand and fix the issue.

Sometimes, additional information would be helpful to reproduce and fix the software problem. For such a cases, we have integrated into the software special features to trace the program execution. To enable them, you'll need to invoke Debug Log Settings dialog and to alter some vales there. To open this dialog, use Ctrl+Alt+D or Ctrl+Alt+L keyboard shortcut in either Optimization Options or Program Settings dialog. Alternatively, if these key combinations are already reserved by some other program that has registered the respective global hotkey, use /showdebugmenu=true parameter in the command line, and the Show debug log options menu item will appear under the Help submenu.

Debug Log Settings Dialog

Enable OutputDebugString function option allows one to forward each debug message to this standard OS Windows API function. The preferred way to handle the output is to use free program called DebugView, from Microsoft (originally created by Mark Russinovich from Sysinternals). Set the Filter "HTML Cleaner*", save the output and send it to us.

Write debug log to file - alternatively, debug messages can be written to the plain text file, in this case no third-party tools are required. Click View... after obtaining logs, and attach them to your e-mail with the bug report.

The program will not remember debug log settings, i.e., the next time you'll launch HTML Cleaner, you'll have to set them again if desired. This is done in order to prevent possible perfomance issues if you'll accidentally forget to reset debug log settings.