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To become an affiliate, just follow this link and sign up (for Share-It), or register as an affiliate with PayPro, and then initiate an affiliate agreement (our PayPro partner token is aa6cf2). Upon approval, you'll be able to generate affiliate links and place them on your website. You will receive 30% of purchase amount from every customer who will purchase either DocToHtml or Word Batch Replacer after clicking on this link. Share-It or PayPro Global gives you an affiliate control panel where you can generate links, keep track of sales, and eventually to transfer your money to your bank account.

How it works: management of affiliates commission is done completely automatically by our payment processors, Share-It or PayPro. You can generate links with affiliate ID, pointed to unique order webpage, or you can place a cookie on the user's machine with your affiliate ID stored in it (currently for Share-It only), so that if the user purchases the software at a later time, the cookie will be recognized and the sale assigned to you.

We strongly advise you to use partnership with Share-It, since currently for technical reasons, registration keys are generated automatically only when purchasing from this payment operator. Provide PayPro affiliate link to order page only as a backup, for the case of inaccessibility of Share-It server.

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